K. Michelle's Side Chick Wants Her To Admit She's Gay In This Week's Sneak Peek

"I like to play around sometimes."

No, she wasn't ready!

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K. Michelle let her friend, Melisia, taste her hot pocket and now shorty feenin for the whole box in this K.Michelle: My Life sneak peek. Things with Dr. Slim have been going well, but Melisia thinks K needs to accept that she's gay and leave that man alone. Just because K lets her friend eat at Chateau de Kutty Kat from time to time, doesn't mean she wants a relationship with the girl. According to K, Dr. Sims knows his girl likes to play in some panties sometimes so her friend needs to calm down. The way Melisia is carrying on has K feeling like being kutty buddies or even just friends is a no go.

Power of the pus...well, y'all know the saying. Don't miss an all new K. Michelle: My Life, next Monday at 9:30/8:30c!