First Dibs: What's Brad Pitt Saying To His Alleged Attacker?

What's the most unusual place Guy Fieri has prepared food? Jonah Hill faces up to a mistake, and Amy Poehler introduces us to a new side of Jon Hamm.

  • After Ukrainian comedian Vitalii Sediuk was accused of punching him on a red carpet last week, Brad Pitt has spoken out about the attack. The actor said the "nutter" was coming straight for his crotch during the Maleficent premiere, and then the guys got into a brief scuffle. And if Vitalii tries something like that again, he could get "stomped" out by Brad! [Los Angeles Times]
  • Guy Fieri has to be one of the most innovative celebrity chefs out there, and he's revealed just how committed he is to his craft. He tells Big Morning Buzz Live about the oddest place he's prepped food.
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  • During a confrontation with a photographer, Jonah Hill yelled out a gay slur. Long an advocate of LGBT rights, the actor quickly explained the incident and apologized. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • As Amy Poehler got some pretty bad news, Jon Hamm ended up consoling her in the most hilarious way possible. What did the handsome Mad Men star say to the comedic actress? [MTV News]
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