Hollywood Exes - Belly Dancing Babes

Hollywood Exes - Belly Dancing Babes


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Nicole has 30 days to find a new house and move. Let's get to it!


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Nicole is not digging this crib.


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Mayte, Jessica, and Drea go to a singles event. Will they find the one?


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Drea calls Tony's barber Percy to go on a date - go girl!


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Percy's reaction to finding out Drea was married to R. Kelly.


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Mayte teaches the wives a belly dancing routine to perform for Mayte's mother's birthday.


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Nelly and Mayte are all dolled up for the birthday extravaganza.


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All of the women are ready to shake that booty!


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The wives begins to grill Percy, who is continuing to see Drea - do you see a future for these two?


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Mayte looks completely bad ass balancing this sword on her head.


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As Drea said of Mayte's dancing "her soul is smiling".