Tough Love New Orleans Cast Revealed

Tough Love New Orleans Cast Revealed


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Despina is a self-proclaimed "Man Eater" who is more interested in the quantity of her dates than the quality. She books her dates back to back, but rarely sees any guy for a second or third date. Now approaching her 30's, Despina realizes that she needs


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Stephanie: This makeup artist and hairdresser from Texas is so obsessed with finding a husband that she'll physically alter her body with plastic surgery to make herself more appealing to men. Stephanie is addicted to the idea of love and says she has bee


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Shalana is a single mom from New Orleans but resides in Metaire, Louisana. For the past few years, her dating life has been nonexistent and she needs Steve's help to get back out into the dating scene and find a man who will be a good role model for her 7


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Melissa's dating life has been dead in the water before it's even begun! This 25 year old virgin from Boston, Massachusetts would love nothing more than to meet the right guy and LOSE her V-card! But as Steve points out, Melissa is one of the most awkward


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Danielle. This sassy hairdresser from Atlanta, GA is also a hard working single mom who really has her life headed in the right direction. There's only one thing holding her back in life and in love - she can't seem to kick her passion for bad boys and de


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Elizabeth is a Jersey girl through and through. Addicted to the finer things in life, this gold digger is more interested in a man's bank balance than anything else. Elizabeth is coming to boot camp on the heels of a bad breakup from a long relationship w


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The cast of Tough Love New Orleans


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Steve Ward


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JoAnn Ward


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Oh Donna! This 40 year old holistic chef and health nut is so set in her ways that she eliminates every single man she meets right on the spot. Trouble is, Donna wants a family...and ASAP. This ticking clock is looking for love more desperately than any b