Black Ink Crew - Episode 203


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The crew fills Ceaser in on the joke that Sassy took personally.


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Dutchess makes it clear that she has no sympathy for Sassy.


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Puma enlists Sassy's help with his very first UFO fashion show for Street Fashion Week.


4 / 12

O'S**t works his magic on rapper Frenchie.


5 / 12

Alex shocks Walt with a video of Dutchess on the pole.


6 / 12

Ted meets with Crystal to see if he can help clear up the issue with Ceaser.


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After a successful day in court, Ceaser and his lawyer discuss his next move.


8 / 12

Walt rocks the runway in support of Puma.


9 / 12

Within ten minutes of his birthday celebration, Puma has used up all his singles.


10 / 12

Quani and her mother get serious with a hungover Puma.


11 / 12

Dutchess inks a quote on a friend's back.


12 / 12

Quani lets Puma know that the partying isn't going to fly.