Tough Love New Orleans - Let's Talk About Sex

Tough Love New Orleans - Let's Talk About Sex


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Steven exposes Tiffany's secret.


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She's married!


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Steve brings the girls onto his dating talk show and encourages them to talk about openly about sex.


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Even though Melissa doesn't have much experience in the sex department, she still gives good advice!


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Steve really wants Melissa to shine in this activity.


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Stephanie and John clearly don't need to work on their physical chemistry!


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Elizabeth gets awkward when it comes to opening up about sex.


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Melissa gets a little too open when it comes to talking about sex.


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The women and their dates play a little card game.


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While Despina may be a sexpert in some ways, she has way more trouble opening up emotionally.


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Donna and her date get up close and personal.


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John and Stephanie simulate phone sex.


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Though Donna did well this time, her date still heard her ticking clock.


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Elizabeth needs to learn to open up and be accepting of who she is.


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Steve takes away Elizabeth's ring, a symbol of her past failed relationships.