Couples Therapy - The 21st Century Erin Brockovich

Courtney Stodden breaks Dr. Jenn's dress code and causes drama in the Couples Therapy house.


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Courtney returns to the house after her modest shopping trip.


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Courtney shows off her new outfit to her husband, Doug.


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Courtney cannot turn off the sexual gestures and comments regardless of how she's dressed.


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Nik commends Courtney for adhering to the dress code, until she starts making suggestive comments to him.


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Shayne is annoyed that Courtney flirts with Nik in front of her.


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Alex opens up about her father's death during therapy.


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Simon listens as Alex opens up about a difficult situation from her past.


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Tiny breaks down as she tells her story.


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Too Short and Monica get emotional as Tiny tells her story.


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Shayne is moved by Tiny's tragic story.


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Courtney shows off her outfit that does not meet the standards of Dr. Jenn's dress code.


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Courtney tries to justify her actions by explaining she "saves lives" by dressing the way she does.


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Shayne listens to Courtney and Dr. Jenn's heated conversation through the wall.


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Alex puts four dollar bills down Courtney's bottoms.


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After Courtney's refusal to follow the dress code, she and Doug leave the Couples Therapy house.


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Shayne jokes about missing Courtney and Doug as they leave the house.