Basketball Wives LA - Jackie's Pride

Basketball Wives LA - Jackie's Pride


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The ladies go shopping and talk Jackie.


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Jackie is so upset Chantelle left home.


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Brooke and Vernon have a date night!


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Brooke raises an eyebrow when hearing about Bambi.


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Hopefully Malaysia and Brooke can be friends despite Bambi's issue with Brooke.


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Gloria meets with the producers of her web series, and she's got a lot of work to do in the next month.


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Malaysia, Laura, and Draya catch up, and Draya introduces the women to her business side.


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Jackie and Doug choose to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary by honoring the gay and lesbian community.


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Gloria is purely doing research for her assassin role.


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Draya teaches Gloria the art of seduction.


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Draya finally meets with Jackie while she's getting a tattoo.


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Jackie gets a tattoo to honor the gay community.


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Malaysia and Jackie decide how they can get her back into the group.


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Gloria receives an unexpected call from Jackie. How did Jackie get Gloria's number?