Tough Love New Orleans - Finale

Tough Love New Orleans - Finale


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The girls gather together one last time for a session with Steve - do you think the ladies have grown throughout the season?


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Donna transformed from someone who was paralyzed by fear to becoming fearless. Go girl!


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Do you see a future for Donna and Chris?


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Elizabeth became Steve's shining star.


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Elizabeth got the flowers she always wanted from Carl!


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Despina finally learned to open up and be loving.


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Austin asks Despina to be her boyfriend!


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Shalana has grown from being bitter about love to joyful and optimistic.


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Aubry offers a promise ring to Shalana - cute!


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Danielle gets in the hot seat for one last time. She still has many unanswered questions about her ex, Kevin.


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Steve tries to clarify Danielle's still confusing love life. Unfortunately, Kevin doesn't see a future with Danielle.


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While Danielle has learned a lot throughout her journey, she stormed out of the finale session.


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Chris gives Melissa a bouquet of flowers.


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Stephanie matured from a girl who dated bad boys and hid behind her make up to a confident young woman who let her personality shine through. Go girl!


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John and Stephanie have a smooch.