Tough Love New Orleans - Class or Crass?

Tough Love New Orleans - Class or Crass?


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Elizabeth gets emotional when she talks about her family's expectations of her.


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JoAnn comes to cheer up Elizabeth after her fight with Steve.


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The girls head out to Bourbon Street, and Melissa leaves her awkwardness behind!


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Even though Stephanie can't seem to get physical with John, she has no problem locking lips with Brandon.


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Someone's a bit tipsy!


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Melissa gets some props for not being awkward and keeping it classy in a club.


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The girls receive a lesson in etiquette - will this help them be on their best behavior?


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The girls go to a cotillion, and they must put wear long white gowns. Is Steve hinting at anything?


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Stephanie arrives at cotillion in a more toned down look.


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The girls must put on good faces despite receiving some difficult meal choices.


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Shalana is hitting it off with Arby. Go girl!


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John and Stephanie share a romantic carriage ride.