That Metal Show: Season 12 Episode 8 - Buck Dharma, Steve Whiteman, and Brian Forsythe


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Blue Öyster Cult's Buck Dharma joins the metal roundtable.


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Eddie talks about the new comprehensive Blue Öyster Cult boxed set.


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Buck Dharma muses over the credit the band has received in the formation of metal music.


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The guys from Kix crab dance their way onto the set.


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Steve Whiteman, Brian Forsythe and Buck Dharma chat during the commercial break.


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Lights, camera, metal.


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Jim, Don and Eddie get ready to grill Buck Dharma and the boys from Kix on this week's Put It On The Table.


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A lucky fan hits the jackpot from the Box of Junk.


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Looks like it's time for Jennifer to come on out...


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Which treasures are in store in Eddie Trunk's Box of Junk this week?


11 / 11

The guys wrap up the season finale of That Metal Show.