Basketball Wives LA - Not So Black and White

Basketball Wives LA - Not So Black and White


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Gloria and Jackie have a catch up session.


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The girls hug each other as best as they can after their piercings.


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Look at these good friends! Brooke hold Gloria's hand while she gets her piercing.


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Gloria and Brooke support Draya during her piercing session.


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Brooke asks for love advice from Gloria.


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Look at these Basketball Wives doing good in their community! Malaysia and Bambi mentor two girls from Educated Ballers.


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Malaysia and Gloria talk about the struggles of being a basketball wife.


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Jackie doesn't realize Draya's party is a white party and clashes with the rest of the guests.


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Draya arrives in style.


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The guest of honor arrives.


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Laura and Gloria are looking fab at the white party.


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Can Bambi and Laura resolve their beef?


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Draya, Bambi, and Jackie catch up, and the girls hear Draya's true opinion of Laura.


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Brooke gets the King cover - is Draya happy for her or does she appear insincere?


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Draya, Brooke, and Gloria catch up over dinner.