Chrissy and Mr. Jones - Pack Your Bags

Chrissy and Mr. Jones - Pack Your Bags


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Talia get emotional about her precarious relationship with JoJo and her flailing music career.


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JoJo wants Talia to succeed - especially since he hurt her.


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Chrissy is concerned she's enjoying herself a little too much.


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Talia and Emily stop by for a girls night.


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Chrissy wants to make sure Talia is invested in this clothing line.


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Mama Jones tries to talk some sense into her son.


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Talia is quite the entrepreneur! In addition to being a stylist, she also sells vibrators.


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Freddie and Mama Jones are mad scientists. The two try to find the exact concoction for PumKash.


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Mama Jones tears up when she tries to talk to Chrissy.