Tough Love New Orleans - Fish Out of Water

Tough Love New Orleans - Fish Out of Water


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This week the women have to adapt to situations that may be uncomfortable or out of the norm.


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Shalana and Arby engage in some PDA - is this acceptable in front of Arby's father?


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Danielle needs to keep her 'potty' mouth in check - especially in front of Corey's father.


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Stephanie gets along with John's father swimmingly.


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Melissa opts out of the challenge to break up with Chris.


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The women have to cook a meal for their dates and a special someone.


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...Their dates' mothers are at the dinner at well, and the women were required to cook their mothers' specialty!


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Stephanie is under fire answering questions from John's mother.


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Despina gets a romantic invite from Austin.


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Can Despina finally open up and share her emotions?


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Elizabeth wins this week's challenge!


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Stephanie gets upset that John's mother doesn't approve of her.


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Steve throws out his rule book to find Melissa a man.


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Can we be seeing any improvement for Melissa during Tough Love?