Celebrity Rehab - Where are They Now?

Celebrity Rehab - Where are They Now?


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The patients may have been alcohol and drug free in Dr. Drew's clinics, but how are they doing now?


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Bai Ling is training in martial arts for her next movie role.


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Bai has been alcohol free since graduation.


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Right after graduation, Michael got in another altercation with Kate Major.


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Michael is drug and alcohol free.


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Jeremy is still off the steroids and has completely transformed his life. He has a new girlfriend and moved into a new house!


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The Hulk is gone. Jeremy looks and feels better than ever.


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Amy has stayed away from the alcohol and quit her job in the porn industry.


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Bob spoke with Mary Jo Buttafucco to see if she and Amy could meet.


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Though Amy is in a good place in her life, she still cannot face Mary Jo.