That Metal Show - Marilyn Manson & Bill Byford

That Metal Show - Marilyn Manson & Bill Byford

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Manson and Herman Ze German hang with Ed and Jim backstage at THAT METAL SHOW.

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Biff Byford of Saxon in the TMS Green Room, pre-show.

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Before hitting the set, Marilyn Manson takes his turn in the TMS makeup room.

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Megadeth's Chris Broderick lays some heavy riffs down for the TMS audience.

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Manson greets his fans as he walks out on the TMS set for the first time.

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Jim, Don and Ed in discussion mode on the THAT METAL SHOW set.

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Ed and Manson discuss his forthcoming album, Born Villain.

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Jim greets Biff Byford for his first appearance in the leather seats of THAT METAL SHOW.

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Don, Jim and Ed hang with two legends: Biff Byford and Marilyn Manson on the TMS set.