Tough Love Miami - Mommy Dearest

Tough Love Miami - Mommy Dearest


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Steve tells Jane to open up to her mother about her DUI.


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Memories surface of Michelle's mother favoring her sister.


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Claudia chokes upon hearing about the writing exercise.


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JoAnn talks Claudia through this week's challenge.


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Chasity writes a meaningful letter to her mother.


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Michelle discusses how she didn't feel as important as her sister Rene.


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Chasity thinks her mother lived a lie by not being in love.


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JoAnn comforts Claudia who is having particular difficulties with this lesson.


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Steve and Claudia have a one on one session about her disturbing reaction to this whole exercise. Is the Tough Love mansion the right place for her after all?


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Can Michelle impress Jonathan's tough Jewish mother?


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George's mother teaches Leilani a thing or two. The professor is very critical of Leilani's career pursuits and superficiality.


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Al's mother does not like that Chasity does not want to get married.


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Que Bien! Arthur's mom and Jane get along swimmingly!


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Chasity is in the hot seat for the first time and is reprimanded for not being truthful with her mother. What happens when she tells her mom she wants to be in Playboy??


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Claudia tells the girls she is going to leave the mansion to work on herself.