Tough Love Miami - The 'Ex' Factor

Tough Love Miami - The 'Ex' Factor


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Ex-cellent! The exes come by to give Steve a further contextualization of the girls' issues.


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Are they even broken up? Chasity and her ex, Thomas, look awfully close for not being together.


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Christine's ex husband stops by. Awkward!


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Christine would much rather spend her time with Frank!


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Avonte gets a new date, and boy is she smitten!


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Michelle meets new date Sam - is he the nice guy she's been needing?


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Meanwhile, crazy ex George is talking about Michelle and her date all around the house.


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Jane and Alan are at it again. Can these two make it work?


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Christine's off in princess fairy land, and her ex is trying to bring her into reality. Time to take off the tiara, hun.


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Classy y'all. Christine, Brigette, and Frank grind it up in front of everyone.


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No PDA alert necessary. These to are out for everyone to see, including Josh.


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Despite their issues and heated arguments, Alan and Jane are going to try to work it out.


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Is she back from the land far, far, away? Christine's secret is revealed: she cheated!