Tough Love Miami - Dating in the Digital Age

Tough Love Miami - Episode 2 - Dating in the Digital Age


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Steve encourages the girls to text their date this week by providing them with phones.


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What the ladies don't know is that they are actually texting Steve!


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Christine giggles as she gets flirty with her date.


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Steve tells the ladies that they have actually been texting him the whole time!


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Christine explains her flirty texts.


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Michelle meets her date at a sports bar.


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Bridgette goes out with her date from the previous challenge, Anthony.


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Steve shocks the ladies by putting up risque pictures of them he found by Googling them.


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Avonte's sexy picture is broadcasted for the bar to see!


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Avonte reacts to seeing herself topless on the screen.


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Jane breaks down after Steve shows everyone a mug shot from her DUI.


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Anthony surprises Bridgette at the house and they share their first kiss!


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Steve puts Avonte in the hot seat this week for being rude to her date.


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Avonte defends herself, asserting that she hates dreadlocks and was justified in telling her date.


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Steve gives Avonte a reality check.


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Michelle and Bridgette are shocked.