Celebrity Rehab - Saying Goodbye

Celebrity Rehab 509 Saying Goodbye


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Celebrity Rehab 4 alumn Eric Roberts discusses his own marajuana addiction.


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Former heroin addict Jason Davis says addicts have to want to be sober to truly heal.


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Former Celebrity Rehab alumna Rachel Uchitel opens up about her heartbreak and pill addiction.


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Eric advises Jessica to go to a sober living house to truly recover.


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Sean reads her letter aloud during graduation.


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Amy hopes she can fully combat her drug and alcohol addiction after rehab.


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Amy burns her letter as a symbolic gesture.


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Bai gets emotional during her reading.


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Bai fights back tears during graduation.


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Bob and Dr. Drew tell Michael he must surround himself around better people.


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Amy hugs Bob goodbye after a long and rigorious journey towards sobriety.


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Shelly sees off Michael hoping he can get rid of the negative forces in his life.