That Metal Show: Season 12 Episode 2 - Corey Taylor and Josh Rand


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Corey Taylor and Josh Rand hop in the TMS photo booth.


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Eddie talks to Richie Kotzen about his new project with the Winery Dogs.


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Eddie throws it down during this season's first TMS TOP 5.


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Richie Kotzen jams on guitar as this week's musical guest.


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Stone Sour's Corey Taylor and Josh Rand talk about their two part albums.


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Jim takes to the podium as the TMS Rant returns.


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Don, Eddie and Jim take the leather seats to kick off the TMS Book Club.


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Jim finds the next fan who is willing to face off with Eddie on Stump The Trunk.


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Richie Kotzen joins Corey Taylor and Josh Rand at the table.


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The boys get a post-show shot with Corey Taylor, Josh Rand and Richie Kotzen.