Miami Monkey - Episode 105


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After a few drinks, Cristina gets close with Nate at Big Ang's pool party.


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Things get heated when Raquel accuses Ryan of being shallow.


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Cristina enthusiastically accepts a dare to kiss Nate.


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Big Ang fills in Marissa on the weekend drama that she missed.


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Cristina is shocked to hear about her drunken makeout session, and admits to crushing on Nate.


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Big Ang lays down the law with Morgan for flaking on the pool party.


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Roxanne and Raquel are happy to hear that Big Ang has a new view of Morgan.


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Cristina invites Nate to drinks to find out what his feelings are.


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Drama ensues when Ryan and Marissa disagree about how to handle touchy guys at the club.


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Nate brings another girl to the bar and leaves nothing to the imagination.


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Cristina struggles to hide her shock at Nate's behavior after having made her feelings clear.