Tough Love: Co-Ed - Episode 507


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Steve commences a meeting, but the group is short one member... Porsche.


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Monica convinces Porsche that leaving isn't the answer.


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Soraya reveals that she has long felt unloved by her father.


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Kyle reflects on having a father who was rarely home.


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Kris expresses his guilt over causing his devoted mother so much trouble.


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Monica and Steve relate to Porsche's experience of having a powerful father figure without a biological connection.


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Porsche's parents arrive just in time for her to express the gratitude she described to the group.


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Stu tackles LA traffic with phony directions during Steve's stress dates.


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Kris handles a difficult introduction with flying colors.


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Much to the surprise of her date and his sister, Soraya gets chatty about her tattoo collection.


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Against Steve's rules, Christopher engages in some serious PDA.


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Soraya's uncomfortable date conversation lands her in the hot seat.