Tough Love Miami - Dealbreakers

Tough Love Miami - Dealbreakers


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The girls gather on a stage for a challenge - What's Steve got under his sleeve now?


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These men represent a pool of average Americans. How picky are the women of Tough Love and are they eliminating their own chances for love?


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Leilani has quite the criteria. She's basically looking for a Ken doll.


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Avonte has fun with Travis...but is he stable enough for her?


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Frank asks for Christine's life story, and boy, did he open a can of worms! Christine begins to gab for the next twenty minutes.


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George reveals to Leilani that he has Tourette Syndrome. Is this a dealbreaker for Miss Superficial?


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Arthur and Jane meet up again and the chemistry is very much there. Jane just has to believe in herself.


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Jane and Arthur run away and try to get away from the Tough Love set. At that moment, she knows how much he likes her.


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From last place last week to first! Brigette listened to Steve's advice and did very well in this week's challenge!


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Avonte doesn't know if Travis is long term material and struggles reconciling with her past.


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Jane must learn to let her guard down for Arthur.


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Christine is in the hot seat this week for being a blabbermouth.