Tough Love Miami - Sex and Samba

Tough Love Miami - Sex and Samba


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The girls must find something sexy to wear for their photo shoot challenge. Will Christine choose to wear a thong?


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Surprise! The girls must first walk on a catwalk in front of many men before they can take their pictures. And the insecurities emerge.


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Michelle decides to combine men's two favorite things into one alluring shoot: sports and sex.


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Paging Nurse Brigette! Insecure Brigette covers up too much for Steve in this shoot.


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Claudia has the opposite problem and her sex appeal borders on trashy.


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Uh-oh. In attempt to be sexy, Jane has gotten her hands tied...literally! She can't undo her top!


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Claudia is upset by Steve's harsh words.


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After moving too fast with Anthony, Steve has set Brigette up with Frankie. Will she learn from her previous mistakes?


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It's samba time! The girls must don sexy Carnival outfits and dance on stage in front of their dates.


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Put those fishnets away! Again, Brigette drinks too much and looks like a hot mess.


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Christine is beginning to conquer her body image issues this week and has won this challenge. Work it, girl!


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Brigette must overcome her own self esteem issues before unloading them all onto her dates.