Couples Therapy - Couples Therapy Begins

Couples Therapy - Couples Therapy Begins


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Former Bachelor contestant Vienna Girardi discusses her trust issues with Kasey Kahl.


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She and Kasey embrace after having been broken up for several weeks now.


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DMX takes his final swig of alcohol before residential treatment counselor Rachel Clark takes it away.


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Tashera opens up about estranged husband DMX's infidelity.


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Jersey Shore Star Angelina Pivarnick and celebrity chef Chris Nirschel may have fun, but is their relationship healthy?


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Tashera will not take DMX's verbal abuse.


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Dr. Jenn introduces everyone to group.


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Rachel, Tom, and Sarah are the three residential in treatment counselors.


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Does love have a number? Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill talk about their big age gap - 29 years!