Tough Love Miami - Away We Go

Tough Love Miami - Away We Go


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She's liking a good guy! Michelle and Sam go on their first official date and sparks are flying already!


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Christine's secret is revealed: she cheated on her husband.


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That is not something a Miss Iowa would do, Christine. Time for some tough love!


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The girls find out they are going to the Bahamas!


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They do not miss a beat - Anthony and Brigette get right down to a bubble bath.


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Christine and Frank lock lips...but Christine needs to be communicative about her needs in a relationship.


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Alan and Jane try to work out their old issues.


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Chasity is on the fence about Al, but hey, he's still getting some lovin' on this cruise!


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Time for a rub down! Avonte and her man get massages!


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Sam and Michelle go kayaking and scuba diving - quite the outdoors couple!


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Chasity discusses some of her concerns with Al.


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The fast and the furious couple are starting to pull the breaks. Brigette is realizing that maybe she did rush into things with Anthony.


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Avonte begins to open up and show a softer side.