Couples Therapy - Opening Up

The cast of Couples Therapy attends their first therapy sessions.


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Since Courtney is underage, California state law child labor laws prohibit her from filming 24 hours a day so she packs up to leave the house for the night.


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Doug and Courtney are reunited after Courtney's night away from the house.


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The couples get ready for their first group therapy session.


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Dr. Jenn assess each of the couples' issues.


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Alex explains to Simon that she desperately wants to know he is affected by the turn their relationship has taken.


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JoJo opens up about his drinking in group therapy.


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A new couple joins the house: Too Short and Monica Payne!


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Courtney debuts another outfit.


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Doug and Courtney talk with Dr. Jenn during their therapy session.


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Alex and Simon hang out by the pool between therapy sessions.


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Shayne opens up about using shopping as a defense mechanism in therapy.


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Courtney "helps" set the table.


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Shayne offers Courtney a shirt to wear over her swimsuit for dinner.


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Courtney tells Shayne she "doesn't care" what her opinion of proper dinner attire is.


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Shayne misses her daughter and breaks down.


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Shayne breaks down.