Hollywood Exes - Drama in the Desert

Hollywood Exes - Drama in the Desert


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Sheree invites all of the ladies to Palm Springs!


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Cheers to a great weekend!


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Tensions arise when Sheree and Jessica have an argument about vegetarianism.


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The tension continues during dinner, particularly when the women choose to order meat dishes.


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While Jessica and Nicole stay at the house, Drea, Mayte, and Sheree have some fun vintage shopping.


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Jessica has some fun of her own drinking and dancing in the sun.


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Mayte, Drea, and Sheree try to teach Jessica a lesson about the treatment of animals. Even lobsters can feel pain as opposed to Jessica's opinion.


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Jessica is literally doing back flips over her vacation!


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Drunk Jessica gets an attitude after the wives return home. She is not happy to hear what the women brought over for dinner.


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Sheree becomes Jessica's target once again.


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The two engage in a yelling match after Sheree reveals a secret about Jessica.