• Season 3, Ep 12 · Bonus

Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 12: Naked Bloopers

Zakk, Vanessa, Sarah, David, Natalie, and David share some hilarious moments during the final week of Dating Naked in these outtakes from Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 12!

09/14/2016 · 3:11

>> ♪

♪ When I met ya

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> Dude, why does your bath--why

does the bathroom smell?

>> The bathroom smells--

>> It smells like big foot's


>> [laughs]

>> What's up with that bathroom?

>> I don't know.

The shower doesn't work over


The bath, the plumbing.

>> DAVID: Yeah, this [bleep] is


>> [bleep] changed since we've

been gone.

>> Yeah, it's like the [bleep]

zombie apocalypse in this bitch.

>> Pretty much.

>> [laughs]

I'm gonna hit you in the face.

>> No, you're good.

>> Okay, ready?

>> Just make sure you get like a

nice arch.

Come on.

>> [laughing] Good job.

>> These are good grapes.

These are high quality.

>> Well, do you want to take

some with you for the road?

>> These are imported from

Guatemala, I can tell.

>> [laughing]

>> I know imported grapes from


And these are them.

I learned a great--great quote.

My best friend told me, he's

like--he's like, "If you like

this girl," he's like, "You

"gotta--you gotta risk it to get

the biscuit." [laughs]

And, uh...[laughs]

That's why I came back.

Gotta risk it to get the



>> All right.

>> WOMAN: [laughs]

>> There's so many men that have

seen me naked at this point.

>> MAN: Oh, yeah.

>> ♪ Awkward

>> That's true.

>> Damn.

>> There's so many naked girls

I've seen.

I--I mean, I'm not complaining,

but like--that's so many boobs.

>> ZAKK: I know.

But you're happy to see boobs.

According--when Vanessa was

here, you were excited.

You were stoked.

>> DAVID: What does that mean?


>> It means [bleep].

She was as excited as [bleep].

It means she was stoked.

>> DAVID: Stoked?

>> [indistinct chatter]

>> I'm [bleep] stoked, bro,


You know what I'm saying?

>> Yeah, just like that.

>> [laughing]

>> Ah!

>> What is going--

>> Hey, wait!

Someone give him a bag of


>> I win!


>> You write any raps for Nat

while you was gone?

>> Any raps?

>> Yeah, you write a rap?

>> Yeah, like a lot of 'em.

>> [laughing]

>> How'd it go?

>> ♪ Rose are red

♪ Violets are blue

>> [bleep].

>> ♪ I'm in Bora Bora

♪ What's up...you

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> That's a really dope song

right there.

>> You think you look good?

>> I'm ugly as [bleep].

I'm just here because I have

great personality.

>> I don't wanna hurt you with

these guns.

These water pistols.

Look at these things.

>> Goddamn, they grew!

>> BOTH: [laughing]

>> I came, I saw, I "concur."

I, blah.

Uh, I can't talk.

>> Bon voyage.

See ya all later.

I'm gonna put some draws on

right now.

I'm gonna get in this shower,

put some draws on and, uh...you

all ain't gotta see my penis no

more either.

>> Are we breaking?

>> Yeah, let's break.

>> Let's break.

>> Why not?

>> You don't break with us?

>> DAVID: I just ain't done this

in a long time.

>> [indistinct chatter]

>> What are we saying on three?

>> "Dating Naked" on three.

One, two, three.

>> ALL: "Dating Naked"!

>> NATALIE: That was so lame.

>> ALL: [laughing]