• Season 3, Ep 11

David Chooses Sarah As His Final Keeper

Because Sarah come back more open-hearted and confident, David decides to continue building their relationship.

09/07/2016 ยท 1:35

>> David, who do you choose as

your final keeper?

>> I think this week I'm going

to ask...


if you would be my keeper.

>> I would love to.

>> Wow.

>> I have to think long term and

not just what do I like for Bora

Bora or what feels good now.

And, ultimately, I think that

was what tipped the scales

towards Sarah.

>> Michelle, do you have

anything you'd like to say to

David before you leave?

>> I'm falling for him in a big

way, and I don't see the passion

in you as much.

>> Do you feel like David made

the wrong decision?

>> Yeah, I do.

Of course I'll find love again.

I'm not worried.



Do you have any tissues?

>> Congratulations to Natalie

and Zakk, Sarah and David.

You guys will be spending your

last week together here on the


Unfortunately, that means we'll

be saying goodbye to the rest of


Enjoy your last week on the

island and head back to the


I'll see you guys next week.

>> I absolutely feel like I made

the best choice for myself.

The next elimination is the last

elimination where we make our

final selections.

With it being Sarah and Zakk and

me and Natalie, it's, kind of,

like old times.

But it's new times, you know.

And the difference is there's

definitely a stronger chemistry

between Natalie and I.

This will be the most

unpredictable week that we've

had on this island.