• Season 3, Ep 12

David Chooses Natalie

At the final elimination ceremony, Nicole goes off on David before he chooses to leave the island with Natalie.

09/14/2016 ยท 3:19

>> Natalie and David, you began

and ended this journey together.

Along the way, you've met the

other potential matches standing

here before you.

Today, you'll have to choose

between them and each other.

>> After dating 20-something

naked women, over 12 weeks, it's

down to this decision.

It's a nerve-wracking decision,

but I'm ready.

>> David, tell us how you feel

about each of these ladies.

>> Nicole, our spark was quick,

it was physical.

And it's hard to find a spark

and a physical connection like

we have with one another.

But, sometimes your emotions get

the best of you.

>> [bleep] all that.

You know, let me just tell you,

I know how much I have to offer

to any guy, and they would be

grateful to be with me.

I came out here twice for you.

Like, are you kidding me?

I don't give people second


And then you come at me telling

me I gotta work on myself?

Don't act like I just wake up

and be, like, "Yeah, I'm gonna

be crazy one day."

>> It's hard to even have you

come at me like this.

Like, you could have had this

conversation with me anywhere

were there wasn't a thousand

cameras around to talk about it.

>> Oh, too late now.

[bleep] you really piss me off.

I've been dealing with boys like

you all my [bleep] life.

So, I'm not doing it anymore.

Shake your head.

I'm gonna eliminate myself out

of the process.

You can choose between Nat and

Sarah, because I'm not [bleep]

that [bleep].

I don't like hearing negative

things about me.

I don't like hearing about my


It's like, "[bleep] you, David."

I like, wanna, wash my hands of

the whole situation.

>> Are you finished?

>> Yeah.

Go ahead.

>> So, you felt disrespected.

So your response was a

disrespectful response?

Maybe we just are not a good

fit for one another.

Nicole has asked that she be

eliminated from this process,

and I respectfully accept.

Buy I sincerely wish her the

happiness that she desires.

I truly do.

>> Well, you're a great person.

Good job.

>> Nicole is like one of those

super-rich desserts.

You know, you eat it, it's good.

But you get too much, you gonna

get [bleep] up.

>> Okay, David.

Who is the person that you would

like to continue and grow your

relationship with?

>> Sarah, we had a deep

connection that was emotional

pretty quickly.

I think we have a lot in common.

But sometimes I wonder if we

have too much in common.

Nat, to watch our connection

grow and turn from something

where we were strangers into

today, where you bring out so

much fun in me that sometimes

I'm scared to show.

You know, but--[sigh]--

the person that I'm

going to ask to leave

this island with me is somebody

who has come to mean so much to


So I want her to be with me


Natalie, I want to leave with

you...if you would leave the

island with me.

>> Oh.

I kind of wasn't expecting that.

When David picked me, I lost my


I became speechless.

But I have to remember that I

came here for a reason.


>> Sarah, what do you think of

David's decision?

>> I benefitted a lot from

coming here and getting to know


But, some people come in your

life and they stay and teach you

lessons for the rest of your

life, and some just teach you it

for a season.

And I'm grateful for him.