• Season 3, Ep 11 · Bonus

Mary Jane Has Played The Field

Mary Jane talks to David about how she was recently dating six guys at the same time.

09/07/2016 · 2:25

>> ♪

♪ When I met ya

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> DAVID: --long did this take?

>> MARY JANE: The bed that we're

going to?

>> DAVID: It's the day bed.

>> Oh, fun.

I was checking this out.

>> All right, well, let's check

it out up close.

>> Nice.

I think this island's got me

feeling some type of way.

And I think David's giving me

Bora Bora fever.

Bora Bora fever is not an STI.


I like to encourage people to be

the best them that

they wanna be.

And I'm here to be the best

me that I want to be.

>> That's real.

>> This past year, I got out of

a two-year relationship.

You know, like if you are not

quite over a last relationship,

and you kinda bring all that

energy from the last

relationship into the new

one--regardless, I had a Merry

Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I was dating

six different guys--

>> Damn.

>> --during December and


>> So during December and

January, you dated six dudes?

>> At the same time.

>> [laughs] [bleep].

You're the pimp, Mary Jane.

>> Hey!

I do a lot of meditation.

Only because I'm around so many

different people's energies.

Like they didn't know that I was

dating so many different guys.

>> DAVID: So you was just--okay.

>> I was a player.

>> You was a player.

Did you crush a lot?

>> What do you mean?

They were all crushing on me?

Oh, crush--did I--

did I bang 'em?

Um...I was banging a few of


[laughing] Four.

Four of them.

>> BOTH: [laughing]

>> Four of them.

To be honest, I'm not--it's

nothing I'm proud of.

>> No, you're a realist.

You are the realest.

Mary Jane has got all the cool


I would kick it with Mary Jane,


>> It's okay.

>> No, it's okay.

It's okay, it's just a lot.


I can't be number seven, Mary


Break up with a couple of them,

then come holler at me.

But right now, you got plenty on

that plate of yours.

>> It's okay.

And now I've been celibate for

three months.

>> Okay, good for you.

>> It was a good experience for


Studies have shown out of the

best universities all over the

world that if you focus your

energy and you align it, better

things will come.

>> That was like the--the most

interesting conversation I've

ever had on being celibate.

>> Oh my goodness.

>> I've never had something I've

been so interested in in my

whole life in a conversation.

>> Everyone's journey is


>> ♪