• Season 3, Ep 11 · Bonus

Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 11: Naked Bloopers

Natalie tricks Malcolm into thinking the crabs are battery operated in these hilarious outtakes from Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 11!

09/07/2016 · 2:31

>> ♪

♪ When I met ya

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> To the last two weeks.

And may the best dater come on


>> [laughing]

>> That's a huge crab.

>> BOTH: [laughing]

>> I never actually seen a crab

face to face.

>> They're battery operated,

they're not real.

>> Oh, that's--hold on.

That's not a real crab?

>> Hmm-mm.

I kinda like messing with the

boys a little bit.

That one's just having a


>> Oh, so I don't need to panic?

>> No, don't panic.

>> [laughing]

>> You could pick him up and

then turn him off.

>> Okay.

That makes sense.

>> ♪

>> Screw "The Bachelor" and


Like boring.

Take your clothes off, it's a

lot more fun.

>> You're gonna picture my butt?

Come on, man.

>> I don't have many more guys

to date.

I'm hoping that somebody has

their dick pierced.

>> I think any dude would bang

Ryan Reynolds.

>> You think any dude would bang

Ryan Reynolds?

>> Oh, yeah.

Even the straightest of


>> Mm.

I hate you.

>> [indistinct chatter]

>> [laughing]

>> It went up my nose.

>> Here, take--

>> DAVID: You wanna steal


>> I just told him about the

battery-operated crabs on the


>> I didn't know what the hell

that was.

>> --one was acting up, and I

was like, "Oh, don't worry,

they'll take care of it."

>> They're triple A, not double

A, so they're a pain the ass.

>> Hold on, so what do they do


Are they like microphones or


Like what is it?

>> Yeah, they're like--like

mobile microphones.

>> Oh, okay.

That makes sense.

♪ Yo, Prince Casanova

♪ Be the name, and it's

♪ Critically acclaimed

♪ That Natalie, what?

♪ Yo, she gotta be my ang

♪ I know I got you constipated

♪ You try

>> [laughing]

>> I don't know what just


>> Hold on, you said I was


You used my shower.

I know that you masturbated.

>> [laughing] Ooooh!

>> My deal with bras is that

there are just so extremely


>> That's why I love being here,

because my boobs are so free.

>> I noticed that I check out

the guy's junk.

But girls, I don't.

I didn't even start looking at

the girls' boobs until



>> Oooh. [bleep].

>> [indistinct chatter]

>> I peed in the pool.

>> That mean disgusting.

>> I peed in it like four times.

>> You're gross.

I've over you.

>> [laughs]

I didn't pee in the goddamn


Maybe once.

Did she at least think the

lizards were real?

Unlike Darius, who thought the

crabs had batteries in 'em?

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> Hold on, that--that was a

real crab?

>> [laughs]

>> Yo!


>> You just blew it.

>> [laughing]

>> ♪