• Season 3, Ep 12

Natalie and David Evaluate Their Options

Natalie talks to Zakk and David about their future while Sarah talks to David about their relationship.

09/14/2016 ยท 3:40

>> My mind is like there's so

many things like I have

to ask you, like--

>> Ask me.

>> I don't want to interrogate


>> Interrogate me.

It's fine.

It's our last week.

>> So, I'm gonna need a desk,

one lamp.

>> Uh-huh.

>> And then I'm gonna need to

put you in handcuffs.

>> Hmm.

>> [laughs]

>> When I'm with Zakk, I just

feel so comfortable and fun

and relaxed.

As soon as you left, nobody made

me laugh the way that you did.

>> I found out more about you

when we're goofing off laughing

then when I'm like, "So, hmm,

"how many siblings do you have?

"What color are my eyes?

"Do you brush your teeth every


You know, like--

>> When he came back, he was a

little bit over emotional.

But I can't help who I like.

And I really like Zakk.

You're pretty rad.

>> You're kinda cool.

>> I have never felt this

conflicted in my life, and I

just don't know who I would pick

right now.

I might just close my eyes and

go eeny, meeny, miny...moe.

>> First and foremost, I want to


I don't like the way yesterday


I've had a lot of time to kind

of consider where you came


I don't particularly believe in

like ending things on bad


>> Of course, I didn't want last

night to end the way it ended.

But, I feel like any good

relationship, like, needs to

have little like bumps in the


>> Uh-huh. I agree.

>> And I'm so grateful that I

took the chance to come out

here, and it was worth being


>> Uh-hmm.

I may have underestimated Sarah

in some ways because Sarah's

always been one to kind of give


But I like that Sarah has given

me things to kind of think

about, but it's been in

a respectful way.

And now you've got old feelings

mixed with new feelings, and

there's a lot of factors to


Just a little extra soft today,

a little extra juicy today, huh?

>> I want a strong man who knows

who the hell he is, what he

wants, and won't run away.

>> You're amazing. Like--

>> Thanks.

>> --you're amazing.

Like, the question is, are we

perfect for each other?

I don't know.

Couple of weeks ago, I probably

would have said no.

It's a risk that I wasn't

willing to take at first.

But, it's a risk that, at age

24, in Bora Bora--

>> Oh, boy.

>> --I can definitely say I'm

willing to take.

>> Are you sure?

Should I get that in writing?

>> You think that I'm gonna get

scared and run away?

To be 100% honest with you, I

don't think I would.

But I can't guarantee it,

because you don't know.

And, also, you can't guarantee

it either.

>> That's called life.

>> It's called life.

>> I'm worried David could,

potentially, leave when things

get tough.

But, then again, I can see us

growing into having a


He just needs to let it happen.

>> Is it worth a shot?


>> Good.

Thank you for that.

I needed to hear that.

>> DAVID: Yeah.

>> It's the last time I get to

sit out here.

>> I know.

>> I can't believe this is the

last night on this island before

I leave with someone.

I don't know what to do.

Hopefully, in the morning, I'll

have my decision.

>> DAVID: Done a lot in these 12


>> I wouldn't change it for the


>> I know that I have to choose

between three women, and I know

part of the selection process is

they also have to choose me.

But if there's a situation where

I'm not chosen, I'll be


>> Last night.

>> Last night.

>> All right, ready? Snapshot.

Selfie. Ready?