• Season 3

Natalie Chooses Zakk As Her Final Keeper

Because Zakk came back for a second chance at love, Natalie decides to give their relationship a second try.

09/07/2016 ยท 1:47

>> Can you believe we only have

one week left?

>> No.

>> It's crazy.

>> All right, David and Natalie.

You both kept Connor and

Michelle for a second week in a


Whoever you choose as your

keeper this week, will stay with

you for the rest of your time on

the island.

Natalie, I'm coming to you


Who were you least connected

with this week?

>> My least connection has to be

with Malcolm.

Had you came a lot sooner, I

think we would have had such a

great connection.

>> I respect it.

Don't forget about me, Natalie.

>> Never.

>> I got dumped on national TV.

So just hearing that my little

man just shrunk up to

like--went into his shell.


>> Natalie, who are you gonna

choose as your final keeper?

>> Zakk, I thought about you

from the moment I eliminated


But, I worry that your emotions

might get the best of you.

Connor, you have been the most

steady keeper I have ever had.

You made me feel special, but

I'm just wondering if we can

stick this through.

>> We can.

>> [sigh]

I have to follow my heart,

and I have to believe the

person that I'm about to choose

is worth it.

And with that being said, you

took a second chance on me, and

so I'm taking a second chance on


So, Zakk, will you be my keeper?

>> Yes, Natalie.

I will be your keeper.

>> Unfortunately, that means,

Connor, you will be leaving us


What would you like to say to


>> I don't have anything to say.

I'm not happy.

I'm angry.

I definitely think me and

Natalie had something.

Zakk got his second chance

before I got my real first one.

But, if she picked Zakk, it was

for a reason.