• Season 3, Ep 12

David Reconnects With Nicole

When David reunites with Nicole, she is still bitter about leaving and having Sarah as her competition.

09/14/2016 ยท 1:45

>> Drinks.

This is crazy, huh?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Erm, what's going on lately.

Zakk's back.

>> Uh-huh.

>> DAVID: Sarah's back.

>> Uh-huh.

>> DAVID: Oh, Natalie and

I's a little different.

>> Yeah?

>> With Natalie and I. Yeah.

>> So how's that different?

>> Well, I mean, it's just a

little more romantic now than it

was before.

Ya'll are the strongest

connections I've had here.

You, Sarah, and Nat.

>> Oh, yeah?

You had a strong connection with

Sarah, huh?

>> Look at you.

You gonna start already?

>> No, I just asked.

I guess I have to accept that.

If you really think that the

connection me and you had is the

same with you and Sarah.

>> No, it's not.

I think Sarah and I, like, we

were able to just--

>> Okay, I don't want to hear

about you and Sarah.

>> What did you--you asked about

it, now you don't want to

hear about it?

>> No.

When you kicked my ass off,

I wanted [bleep] throw a rock at

your head.

>> You want to throw a rock at


>> Yeah. Because--

>> If you wasn't special to me,

you wouldn't be back.

>> I knew he was going to be

dating other girls.

But, to me, in my head, he

should be like, "Oh [bleep,]

Nicole's back.

Like, that's who I want to be

with" like, there should be no


>> How you feel about going back

to the house?

>> Fine.

>> Was that a fake fine?

How you really feel?

>> I feel fine.

I'm excited to see Zakk.

>> Is Zakk the only person

you're excited to see?

>> Who else in the house would I

be excited to see?

My competition?


>> Okay.

>> He thought I was territorial


I'm going to be extra, like,

territorial now.

A little bit of crazy might come


But I feel like it's justified.

>> I hesitate to say this, but

we gotta get ready to go back to

the house.

So you I need you like woosah.

I need you to Namaste, okay?


>> Yeah.

>> Okay?

>> I'm good.

>> Okay.

I'm not sure how to handle this


Let's go.

Who do I give time to?

Who do I not give time to?

I ain't looking forward to going

back to the house, maybe for the

first time.