• Season 3, Ep 12 · Bonus

Natalie Tricks David Into Tasting Wasabi

On their final date together, Natalie and David try some sushi and discuss their journey of "firsts" together.

09/14/2016 · 2:29

>> ♪

♪ When I met ya

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> ♪

>> Should we try some of this?

>> Yeah. Do you know how

to use chopsticks?

>> Yeah, I do.

>> Really?

>> Yeah, a little bit.

>> I'm a little shocked at that.

>> What you--what you tryin' to


>> I don't know, you look like

more of a fork kind of a guy.

>> I'm very much so more of a

fork kinda guy, but that don't

mean I don't know how to use


Oh, that's your thing--guac.

>> That--

>> That ain't guac?

>> Yeah, try this guac. Try it.

>> That ain't guac.

You know, the way you said it,

no way.

Uh-huh. What is it?

>> It's guac.

>> I'll try it.

What is it, for real?

>> It's guac.

>> You lying, but I'm still--

>> It's island guac.

>> That ain't guac.

>> It's island guac.

You've never heard of island


>> No, I don't know what it is,

but I know it's not ain't guac,

but I'm trying it anyway.

>> [laughs]

>> He might say big words and

speak all politically correct

and always be proper, but as

smart as David is, he's so damn


>> What is that?

>> It's wasabi.

>> Oh.

I ain't never had wasabi either.

It ain't--difficult to describe

exactly what wasabi tastes like.

It's like a hard-assed Dijon

mustard that's green.

But I tried it.

When in Bora Bora.

>> Have you ever had sushi?

>> No.

Well, you know, I'm allergic to

some fish.

I just don't know which ones

until I try it.

>> I think this is fish.

>> I--I know it's fish.

I'm gonna try it anyway though.

>> Are you sure?

>> Yeah. I'm here.

What's the worst that can


>> You die.

>> That's it? Huh.

>> All right, well...

let's try it.


>> I'm just gonna try a small

piece first so I can find out if

die first.

>> Oh boy.

>> And then--

>> You're making me nervous.

You alive?

>> Yeah.

Not terrible.

>> Hmm-mm.

It's actually kinda good.

>> It's not terrible.

That's not my [bleep] though.

I'm probably won't be trying any

more of that.


Oh my God, I'm full of firsts

at--in this trip.

>> Oh my goodness, yeah.

>> I've had--I've had--

>> We had a lot of firsts


>> We have.

>> My first time in a hammock.

I've come a long way.

>> A lot of firsts out here.

A lot of firsts out here.

A lot of firsts.

My first time getting naked on a


>> Me, too. I had to think

about for a minute.

>> DAVID: You had to think about


What do they do in Wisconsin?