Jackie Christie Spills All the Tea as She Primps and Preps for the 'Basketball Wives' Reunion

"I'm here for this for the long haul. Until the wheels fall off!"

With six Basketball Wives reunions under her belt, you'd think Jackie Christie wouldn't be nervous about meeting up with the other wives for a televised ponderosa, but she totally is! "My heart is like, beating so fast," she tells VH1 in this web exclusive.

While primping and prepping to see the other women, Jackie says that her biggest regret this season is not being a more "aggressive friend" when it came to the Tami and Evelyn drama. She knows that Tami has had her back before and admits that she could have rode a little harder for her and returned the favor.

But that's just the beginning! Find out if she's team CeCe or Kristen, what she hopes comes out of the reunion for Tami and Evelyn, what's going on with Ta'Kari, and see her final reunion ~*lewk*~ in the clip above.

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