Nikki Approaches Juggy With an Offer He Can't Refuse — or Can He?

The season is over, but the battle for the hip hop throne is just begining.

The beef is far from over.

After an epic first season of The Breaks television series, last night was the bittersweet finale we've all been waiting for. Although things didn't end anywhere near as upbeat as how life began for the beloved DeeVee, Nikki, Ahm, Barry, and of course the dearly departed David, they definitely finished on a more progressive note than most could've hoped for. Considering all the twists and turns throughout the season the end wasn't a crazy shocker. We pretty much got left with another plot twist to figure out next season.

Following eight tumultuous episodes of ups (DeeVee landing a full-time gig as a radio disc jockey, Nikki snagging a job with idol Barry Fouray, etc.) and downs (David's untimely death, Nikki and Barry's rivalry, someone attempting to kill Ahm), things certainly began to look up towards the end. The winning odds especially started to turn for the hard headed, but ever driven, Nikki Jones. After impressing EBJ exec Mattie Taylor at Imani X's show, Nikki goes from defunct assistant to potential A&R, with two major offers on her hands - either to go back to Fouray Records (where the homie DeeVee and Ahm are now signed to), or to start fresh at EBJ Records. When Juggy asks Nikki who's it going to be, "Barry or Mattie," she replies:

"You. I want to start a new label with you, Juggy. What do you say?"

And what Juggy does say, just may shock you.

Check out the clip above!