"Prayer Fixes Everything, Even Broken Hearts": Juju Confirms That She and Cam'ron Have Called It Quits

"[It's] not embarrasing for me, [it's] embarrasing for him."

Although they have been together for over a decade, Cam'ron and Juju appear to have ended their relationship.

Rumors have been circling about Juju and Cam for a bit, and in a few comments, the Love & Hip Hop star has confirmed their breakup is true. Over the weekend, screenshots of the other woman Cam'ron was allegedly seeing surfaced to which Juju had a lot to say. In these images courtesy of the Shade Room, a usually calm Juju claps back at Instagram user @aroxxb, Cam's alleged new boo.

It may be hard to follow but for those who were unsure what this meant, Juju basically confirmed the breakup while replying to a fan.

The fan wrote,

Girl! For someone who had to chuck the deuces after 12 years myself, I just had to get on here and give you your kudos! It takes a tremendous amount of strength to walk away from someone you spent so much time with. I know you're probably tired of everyone commenting on it but thank you. Just seeing another woman smile and enjoy herself after walking away, inspires other women like myself in similar situations to continue to move forward.

Juju replied, "definitely not easy.. But God Prayer fixes everything.. even broken hearts."

After another fan commented "How embarrassing. Praying for u love."

Juju shut down that noise, respectfully in saying, "not embarrassing for me embarrassing for him.. but I can use a extra prayer or two thanks."

In a recent interview with VH1, Juju hinted towards some tribulations in her relationship and plans on releasing a book to inspire other females going through the same thing. In interacting with fans via social media, one thing has been made clear to Juju that she can make a difference through motivation which is exactly what she's set out to do. Any break up is unfortunate but it is empowering to see this jewel turn diamond under pressure.

Never go Eric Benet, Cam.

In this Love & Hip Hop clip, Juju opens up about her past problems with having children with Cam'ron.