Scrappy and Bambi Had to Make a Few Things Clear to Fans Following This Week's Episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Miami'

He's a God-fearing man now. He doesn't live that playa life anymore.

Scrappy may have been up under Shay Johnson and Chinese Nicky and Chinese Kitty while down in the 305 but, folks, that was a long long time ago.

Lil' Scrappy is now happily married to Bambi and took to Instagram to make that crystal clear. Following the recent episode(2/5) of Love & Hip Hop Miami, the newlyweds shared how blissful their lives currently are and he mentions that whatever we see during prime-time is a non-factor today.

Scrappy wrote,

Thank God whats on tv happen so long ago way before I was in my right mind, I honestly can’t remember half of it but I’m glad I got through it and God turnt my life around and sent me right on to my wife and I guess if u knw better you really do do better, so I’m honestly litty with the wifey and the fam and blessed keep pushing , new mursic out Now and @hitmansteviej_1 producing a whole album for me #comingsoon #Scrambie #ThaBam #Emani #Emula #ThaRichardsons

(LOL at "new mursic.")

The Bam even hopped in hubby's comments to cosign his statement and take shots at his highlighted baby braids he had dangling from his head.



Not for nothing, there was really no need for a PSA. We already know this couple is eight more than 92! Come on, the man made a whole campaign to #FindtheBam while on the Miami strip and good thing he did because they are flourishing now.

What's understood doesn't need to be explained!

In this Love & Hip Hop Miami clip, a then-single Scrappy is looking to get to know Chinese Kitty intimately.