“You Nabbed A Good One There, Buddy”: Watch The Blossoming Friendship Of Alicia And Drita

When we first heard that Mob Wives would be infused with two new cast members whose personalities seemed larger than life, we worried that there would be fireworks. And for Renee, there certainly were. But one of the unexpected surprises of the season has been the friendship that developed between Alicia DiMichele Garofalo and Drita D’Avanzo. When we asked Drita what she thinks of Alicia (and if you follow them on Twitter, you’d know they have a weekly mutual love-fest when they live-tweet the show), she told us she wasn’t shocked when they got along.

“She’s not someone that’s coming on the show like ’Yeah, I’m a wise gal, I’ll f—ing fight, I’ll break jaws!’ She never did that,” Drita says. “That right there gained my respect and I knew off the bat that I would like her. Second, she’s really going through everything I went through. Everything. Except, thank God, facing jail time. But the husband cheating and him being in prison, it’s too much in common. Her family’s not part of this lifestyle. I really like that Alicia keeps it real with herself.”

Alicia has nothing but love for Drita, too. “What was so surprising to me was Drita,” she told us. “Everybody could see our friendship developed right on TV. You can’t make that up. What everybody saw was real. We have so much in common, the more and more we filmed, it was just this amazing bond.”

Watch that bond develop in our supercut of their best moments, and tune in to the Mob Wives: New Blood reunion airs this Thursday at 10PM ET/PT.

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