Vegas Weddings, Escorts, + Ultrasounds: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Episode 1

  • YandyMendeecees

    This is exactly how you are supposed to act when your man gets out, even if you almost break his back.

  • Cyn

    Erica has Cyn open like 7/11.

  • AminaPeter

    Kid number eight for Peter. Maybe it’s time to put his gun away.

  • ChrissyDog

    Who wore crazy hair the best? We’re going to give it to the lady on the left.

  • Chynk

    “I be making records, and they be winning Grammys and sh*t.” Well said, Chink, well said.

  • Maurice

    Shouldn’t it read Maurice the personal trainer? Didn’t know Yandy’s cousin was a title.

  • TaraPeter

    Creep move 101 right here folks.

  • Diamond

    Who’s your agency Instagram?

  • ciscoblend

    The face you make when your West Coast shorty wants to mess up your East Coast situations….

  • DiamondsDaughter

    Love and Hip Hop franchise has THE CUTEST kids. Diamond’s daughter ladies and gentlemen.

  • Mendeccees

    We’re we the only ones wiping tears and snot bubbles when we saw this precious moment?

  • EricaMena

    The face you make when your 41 seconds from popping off.

  • SlapYandy

    It was a lot of sexual innuendo going on before Yandy and Mendeecees got in that car.

  • Wedding

    We don’t know if Yandy is beat for this shot gun wedding moment.

Amina still has to give Peter talks about being faithful? Is Cisco leading Diamond on with the whole ’don’t ask, don’t tell’? Did Rich set that whole blow up with Chrissy and Erica up? Was Erica ever really an escort? Will Yandy and Mendeecees really go through this shot gun wedding? Whatttttt?

Quickly scroll through the best moments in of Love & Hip Hop episode 1 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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