How Good Can a Ryan Reynolds Movie Without His Face Really Be?


We're starting to side-eye you a little bit, Marvel. Everyone is bowing down to the Deadpool teaser trailer, which makes fun of all teaser trailers. Ryan Reynolds is referred to as a "five-time Academy Award viewer" and the actor is now associated with (what's probably) Marvel's first-ever trailer f-bomb. Ha, ha, LOL, but, like, why can't we see his face?

We get it, Deadpool reigns as comic book douchelord, so keeping him sealed in costume is the only logical way to maintain the mysterious douchebaggery. But we saw Toby's face and body in Spiderman and Christian's in Batman, so don't be selfish or principled and give us what we want. And while Ryan, an underrated comic genius, can hold his own without depending on his looks, we need to see some of that baetiful face to make it a happy viewing experience for our ovaries.