Kerry Washington Says Shonda Rhimes Will Out-Shonda Herself in the 'Scandal' Season Finale

The "explosive" final episode is so shocking, Kerry doesn't know how the show will come back for a new season.

Sorry, Shondaland fans. You've barely started recuperating after McDreamy's death on Grey's Anatomy, and now Shonda Rhimes is ready to hit you with another devastating blow. Kerry Washington visited The Tonight Show Wednesday and hinted at Scandal's "explosive" season finale. "There's a lot of things that could explode," she explained. "Hearts could explode, minds could explode..." Considering that happens weekly, we're not sure how we'll survive. "When we finished the table read for this finale, I was so shocked that I looked at Shonda and said, 'Where do we go from here? How do we even have a fifth season after this?'" she told Jimmy.

Of course when it comes to Shonda, we know that explosive episodes usually involve traumatic deaths. And Fallon was quick to point out that as an actor, Shonda's not someone you want to mess with ("She killed McDreamy — I don't know what happened. Patrick Dempsey looked at her weird and she was like, 'Alright, I'm killing you'"). So who's dying? AKA who pissed Shonda off this time? Kerry won't tell, but she will publicly proclaim her love for her boss. "I love Shonda. She's so talented, so prolific, and has a lot of power," she said. "So you should be really nice to her." NOTED.

For those few Scandal fans like me, still hanging on and dreading the next inevitable death, welcome to my world right now.