A Message From (Ba)Cardi B: She Wants To Marry Her Dude In Jail So All The Haters Can Hop Off

"While Tommy's in jail, I'm not really worried about no other man, I'm worried about DUDULAPI, that SCHMONEY! "

On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, we met Tommy (sort of), Cardi B’s jailbird bae and Cardi told her sister Hennessy that she plans on marrying Tommy in jail. Cardi’s news left sister Hennesy in shock but Cardi loves that man and just wants to make it official. The flowers and all that isn’t exactly her steeze (what can you say? The heart wants what the heart wants). Cardi wasn’t here for y’all comments last night though about her willingness to marry him in jail. She took to Instagram to address the haters:

Cardi isn’t playing when it comes to her man so some of y’all can keep your little two cents in your pocket!

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