A Bunch of Trolls Went to a Kehlani Show This Weekend to Shout “Kyrie Irving” at Her

It was despicable.

It’s been two months since the Kehlani, Kyrie Irving and PARTYNEXTDOOR love triangle hit the fan, but apparently, people still aren’t willing to let it go.

Kehlani played a show at JMBLYA 2016 in Texas this weekend and during her set, the singer found herself the target of a trolly chant started by some audience members. Kehlani was performing “You Should Be Here” when the crowd started shouting “Kyrie” at her in what became a sad (and failed) attempt to revive the drama from a couple of months back.

You might recall that in March, a photo surfaced that was thought to be of Kehlani in bed with PARTY. The public thought Kehlani was dating Irving at the time, which sparked a ridiculous amount of social media attacks geared towards Kehlani, who was later hospitalized for an apparent suicide attempt. Irving eventually spoke out about the incident, clarifying that he and Kehlani were not together when the photo came out.

Sadly, people are still hung up on the false notion that Kehlani cheated on Irving and won’t let her live it down. As for Kehlani, she hasn’t spoken out about any of this on social media in a while, which leads us to believe she’s either ignoring it or wants us to think she doesn’t care. Either way, we’re here for her not giving these haters a life. You do you, Lani Tsunami.

Watch trolls chant “Kyrie” at an unbothered Kehlani here, via Baller Alert.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.