Cardi B Just Dropped a Legit Music Video and She Has One Question For Some Of You Weavy Wonders

"What makes you feel, that you would be lit, if you really rocked that s--t?"

Aside from being a skripper, your fave Instagram celeb, the most anticipated Love & Hip Hop newbie, and a regular-schmegular girl from the Bronx, Cardi B is also a rapper (and a decent one at that).

Cardi just dropped the video for her single "Cheap Ass Weave," and no, it's not a metaphor for anything, its legit about cheap ass weaves. So if you're about to watch this in front of your friends (you know, the ones with $ome extra length) and you know you got that unkempt, two for one Yaki Pack from the Beauty Supply that's shedding all over your boyfriend's bathroom, it may be time to fake leave because, yes, Cardi is talking to you.

If you got that $300+ bundles, installation not included, flip your hair back in a hater with a cheap weave's face, and enjoy the video because Cardi's not half bad.

What do you think? Does she have a future in rap or nah?

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