Tami Breaks Down As She Officially Reaches Her Breaking Point In This 'Basketball Wives' Highlight

"I was hurt too. They've been talking about me. From day one."

The last time the women were together, some pretty hurtful words and strong accusations were exchanged. Now that the "ponderosa" is over, Tami let's Jackie know why she said the things that she said.

It was important for Jackie to let Tami know that the accusation that Evelyn lied about her domestic violence incident was wrong. Tami won't apologize for what she said because Evelyn supposedly told her a different version of events back in the day when everyone still lived in Miami. Furthermore, Tami also opens up about how she's tired of being a punching bag and doormat for the other women in the group.

"I just always try to be their f---ing friend...And I always try to be down and be quiet and stick around and hang in there, support Shaunie, support them b-----s, make up, do whatever is necessary and I'm tired."

Jackie realizes that there were parts of the story that she wasn't aware of. So instead of scolding her friend, she supports her. In the end, Tami does acknowledge that throwing domestic violence in Evelyn's face was wrong and that she won't be partaking in any more ponderosas anytime soon.

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